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Root Canals

Root Canals

A Gentle Children's Root Canal Dentist in Columbus

Root nerve treatment for children, or pulp therapy, is a procedure that helps to maintain the affected tooth's integrity until a permanent tooth erupts. The Columbus child dental practice of David Silverglade, DDS takes great pride in offering comprehensive dentistry, including endodontic care, for infants, young children and adolescents.

The pulp of a tooth contains lymph vessels, blood and nerves, and most nerve treatments result from either traumatic injury or dental cavities. A pulpotomy procedure removes diseased pulp tissue from inside the tooth's crown portion, and a pulpectomy is needed if the pulp is completely removed. During the process, diseased pulp tissue is taken from the root and crown. The canals are then cleansed and disinfected.

Pulp Treatment for Children

A pediatric root canal is often necessary to stem the incidence of infection. Without treatment, an abscess can form, resulting in swelling and pain. This condition can affect not only your child's dental health, but it can also impact their overall well-being. At David Silverglade, DDS, we strive to make every visit for your adolescent as positive and enjoyable as possible, and our focus is always on helping children maintain proper oral hygiene.

One of the best ways to avoid a children's root canal is through preventative measures. Children can be at higher risk for oral problems such as tooth decay if proper brushing routines aren't followed. To ensure the dental safety of your kids, schedule a visit with our experienced staff by phoning us at 614-868-9804.

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